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...feeling the spirit, doing the work...

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...there is so much good flowing out of your messages and service. It is, indeed, an oasis of love and light in a world that needs it so badly.”

“My son Chris exclaimed to some friends...’This is where we go to Church. You would enjoy coming with us sometime! … It is really COOL"

"I loved what I saw. The back bookshelf and wall area was covered in people, ideas and services that are in harmonic synchronicity with my belief system. I saw no forced dogma or specific religion. I saw a bridge between spirit and science. I saw an alignment of intangible and tangible. This is my classroom, my play yard, my vocation. It is truly an impacting experience when you can feel at home in a new situation. On a soul level. Unity Center of Mills River is a temple all its own."

Everything changed when I experienced UNITY. Yes, UNITY is a life changing experience…When church becomes a guiding force in one’s life; an experience that draws you to it again and again, it is truly what it is meant to be.”

We laugh, we sing, we cry, we meditate, we learn, we hug, and we do our best to take this joyful experience out into our daily lives to transform our world.

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Unity Center of Mills River and Namasté Center in Hendersonville are proud to sponsor Wellness Simplified with Rev. Dr. Suka Chapel-Horst on Unity.fm

Wellness Simplified

Celebrating life with an open heart and mind...

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Unity Center in western North Carolina serves as a vehicle to awaken the planet and is a wellspring of spiritual enrichment, fellowship, personal growth, and human comfort through worship, education, and programs which demonstrate the practical application of spiritual truths to all who come our way.


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